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Where to Rent a Van, Mini Van or Camper Van

Where to Rent a Van or Mini Van

This is WHY it is so Hard to Find a Van Rental

Conversion Vans are CUSTOM VEHICLES and are made by Authorized Upfitters NOT the car manufacturers themselves. Conversion Vans are an expensive proposition for a Car Rental company because they buy their rental cars on contracts direct from the manufacturers what are called "Fleet Vehicles". Conversion Vans are NOT fleet vehicles. Rental cars have a very short lifespan on Rental Lost after which they are resold. Who wants to rent an old car? NOBODY!

Car Rental companies (Like Airlines) need to keep passengers moving... Vans sitting on the lot don't make money! We get requests from frustrated people looking to rent Vans all the time. We get understand the frustration! We wish we could do something about it. It's simple supply and demand, and the demand for Van Rentals is very low. High Cost + Low Demand = Hard to find!

Van Rental Link to Top 6 Rental Co's: Van Rental Search

Note: No credit card required to get FREE QUOTE. Select "Minivan" or "Full Size Van" in Step 3 of the rate quote process. - Hotels? Sounds crazy; it's NOT! is the SAME COMPANY as Expedia! is just easier to use and offers discount Car Rental Quotes from all the Major Rental companies like Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, etc. Rental bookings are made direct with the company you choose. For example if you do a search and find Avis has the lowest rate for what you want, when you book your reservation through a reservation is made for you directly with Avis.

How is this possible? Here's how: ties into the SABRE reservation system (This is the same reservation system Travel Agents Use). So they are in effet just a HUGE TRAVEL AGENT.Think of them as your Travel Supermarket.

Here is the best part: You don't have to enter any personal information at all to check rates. No name, no credit card, nothing. Just enter your city and the pickup and drop off date/time. Then select the type of vehicle you want to rent. You get a list of all the rates from all the companies in one easy to use list. If you want to make a reservation that's easy too. Give it a try today.

Does it cost you more to book with than direct with a Car Rental Agency? Answer: No! Why? Because gets paid in the same way that a Travel Agent gets paid. They have p renegotiated commissions. The great thing about using a consolidator (i.e. Travel Agent) is the hard work is done for you. This is the quick and easy way to compare rates at a dozen or more companies. You get all your information with a few simple mouse clicks in a matter of minutes. Compare that to checking all the rental places one at a time.

You'll find Nationwide rentals available in all 50 states and some foreign countries. We've used their services on several occasions and love the simplicity of the search tools, and excellent prices. They take the hassle out of checking rates.

Note: We list companies on our site we actually use so we know what to say when questions arise. We have ourselves used to rent vehicles because it's cheap and easy.

5 reasons why we like to Rent Cars/Vans with

1. Convenience - You can search every available vendor with one simple search.
2. Price - All prices are pre-negotiated and are equal to or below the cost of the vendors own site.
3. Locations - Offers rentals in all the Major Metropolitan areas and hundreds of smaller cities.
4. Variety - You get quotes from almost every Car Rental Outfit Including: Hertz, Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Discount, Dollar, Enterprise, National, Payless, Thrifty and half a dozen more.
5. Speed - It takes only a few mouse clicks and a couple of minutes to get everything you need. In fact; you don't even have to enter your name, credit card, or any personal information to get your quote.

Van Rental Companies in Smaller Markets Listed Below

Here you'll find a list of places you can rent Vans. This does not include Mobility Van Rentals (See our Listings for "Mobility Vans" on the Specialty Vehicles Tab). There really are not that many nationwide van rental resources - most van rental companies are specialized and local to their Home State of operation.

  • - Pennsylvania (Carnegie)
  • - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida
  • - NY/NJ, Denver, Vegas, Miami, LA San Francisco
  • - San Francisco CA, Los Angeles CA, Seattle WA, New York
  • - New Jersey (Union)
  • - Texas and Oklahoma
  • - California (Hawthorne)


Please see our Mobility Vans page for wheelchair access vans for rent. Mobility Rentals are listed on the same page as general Mobility Van information; near the bottom.

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Avis - Savana Cargo Van, Chevrolet Passenger Van, Dodge Grand Caravan Budget - Savana Cargo Van, Ford Passenger Van, Dodge Caravan, Commercial Moving Vans Dollar - Dodge Mini Vans Enterprise - Chevrolet Cargo Van, GM EXpress, Ford Econoline, Chev Parcel Vans, Box Vans, Dodget Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country Hertz - Ford Econoline Cargo Van, Toyota Sienna Mini Van National - Dodge Grand Caravan Payless - Dodge Caravan Thrifty - Dodge Caravan, Ford E-350 Passenger Van

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