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Covers & Floor Mats

Van Covers & Floor Mats - Protect Your Investment!

What happens to automotive paint when it is baked in the sun for a couple of years? If you close your eyes you can picture the dull lifeless flat paint that makes your otherwise mechanically sound vehicle look like its years past it's prime. Would you buy a vehicle with bad paint? The sun just destroys the paint, the dashboard, fades the interior, just destroys everything in it's path. And this costs you money and makes you look like you are not a caring person... too lazy to care for their vehicle. Not true, but that is what people think.

Covers are the answer. They keep your van clean looking so you can drive around with a sense of pride. My van is an early model 1990's and people are shocked when I tell them it's as old as it is... because it doesn't look it! Covers are actually not that difficult to take on and off. And here is the real kicker. Investing a $100 or less in a Van Cover pays off big time when you go to sell! It's like having a mini insurance policy that you buy once and cash in big time in the end. People want to buy used vans that look nice. And a quality paint job is $1,000's of dollars. I actually declined to buy a Suburban that was near perfect mechanically because the paint was shot and the body shop guy I use quoted me almost $3,000 to paint it! He isn't a Maaco guy... he does good work.

So a little investment now will pay you back many times in the end. Think about it... can you afford not to cover you van? Do you have a couple extra thousand to throw out the window when it's time to sell?

Many Vans are too tall to fit in garages. Our G30 is 6'11" to the top of the rack and barely slides under the garage door. For those of you who can not get the car inside and out of the sun (It's the sun, not water that ruins paint fastest!) we recommend you cover your Van.  There are a number of quality products at very affordable prices. Plus its very easy to find the cover that is just right for you.  Don't let paint fade ruin your resale value.  It's easier to cover (And a whole lot cheaper) than paint your Conversion Van.

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