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Raised Roofs: Fiberglass Van Tops - Hi Tops

So you want a Hi Top for your Van?

We know how great it must seem as you envision all the additional space you'll have in your van after the roof is higher - but have you considered:

Safety - Most Raised Roofs are installed with sheet metal screws! If you roll you van (Lets hope that never happens to any of us), the Hi-Top may come off quite easily. Occupants may be ejected through the open hole. Vans are manufactured according to strict Federal Safety standards. You MUST cut the reinforced steel cross members to install the raised roof. Make sure your installer knows how to reinforce the sidewalls and top at the very least!

Noise - Your van is going to "sound" much different with a raised roof. It is very important that the roof be properly designed (airflow) to reduce noise.

Insulation - Insulation makes the roof quieter and the entire van more comfortable. Unless you are merely looking for more room to haul your cargo - be sure to buy an insulated Hi Top.

Air/Conditioning and Heating - You are going to completely change the air flow dynamics of your vehicles internal heating and cooling systems. Additional capacity may be needed. Talk to your installer. You may also want to consider purchasing a 3rd party air conditioner to run when the vehicle is stopped. Be sure your roof is designed to withstand the additional weight.

Parking - We probably shouldn't have to mention this, but we will. Most Hi Top Vans don't fit in the garage! Some are so high they won't even fit under carports. Consider purchasing a cover or finding RV Storage. You'll also need to watch out for Parking Garages, Trees, and other structures your van used to drive right under.

Maintenance - Cleaning Hi Top vans is NOT an easy task. You need scaffolding to reach the very top. And you need to apply a sealant UV Protector or wax seasonally. We know how difficult this can be, because we do it! Consider also the color of the top, white is best as it reflects the sun and is easier to maintain.

Companies Manufacturing Fiberglass Van Tops

Notes: There is very little demand for Van Tops sold direct to consumers. For this reason many of the companies that used to offer them have stopped. Most companies are focusing on other fiberglass body parts. We can not guarantee that the companies listed below will sell direct to the consumer. You'll need to call and find out. These links were last verified as working in March 2014. Sorry we can not make the links below click-able because every time we do Google Penalizes our site for reasons they will not disclose and after nearly a dozen emails they still refuse to answer.


As a side note we have removed links to Viking Formed Products, which is part of Coachman Industries. They Only sell to dealers and new vehicle converters. They also use the name "Pro Designed Products". You may be able to find one of their tops through a dealer or specialty shop. We make this note as a courtesy. We have also removed the link to Sportsmobile from this page. They may upgrade your existing van if you take it to one of

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