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Do Not Buy Andersen Hitches

Do Not Buy Andersen Hitches for RV or Van Applications

Andersen Anderson - Anderson Hitches Andersen Hitches (You're welcome). Just so more people can find it!

If you own a Van or RV and need a Ball Mount to tow I'd suggest something other than an Andersen Hitch.

Here's why You Should Look at Other Brands:

They may not work in Van/RV Applications! Why don't they work? Because the shank is too short to use the hitch in the rise position. It will hit your bumper! This includes both the Rapid Hitch and the EZ Hitch Series.

How to I know this? Because I got taken by Andersen Hitches and now have a $159 paper weight. Useless. And they don't care - that's right Andersen Hitches doesn't care.

Note:  I ended up purchasing a Solid Shank Curt Hitch for about the same price and have had no issues what-so-ever.  Great Product.

I purchased the EZ Hitch model 3296 and it looked great on paper (Their site) with an 8" rise and 2" and 2 5/16th" ball I thought I would be set. (See specs directly from their site below). However they do NOT publish the specifications for the shank length.

So I wrote Andersen and here was the reply I got from "Dave" in their customer service department.

Thank you for contacting us in regards to our EZ Adjust Hitch and having it in the rise position to clear your bumper. We do not make the shank longer on these hitches because they are designed and tested as built and if we make them longer we go through the testing and certifying process again. I suggest a short receiver extension purchased from a local hitch store or U-Haul as they make a product to solve the problem you are facing.
I apologize that we do not have an option here to fix your problem.


Apparently Anderson Hitches is not in business to make hitches for real people in the real world, they manufacturer hitches to meet some imaginary specifications so they can get attaboys from some imaginary group of people who don't actually buy or tow anything.


And it seems from my perspective that the Idaho Public Schools must not teach basic PHYSICS because you only need an 8th Grade Physics class to understand that a hitch extender is going to KILL your towing capacity.




Anderson's Customer Service = Bigger Fail


It appears to me that Andersen's hiring standards are pretty low.


Gee to make a hitch people could actually use they would have to go through a whole process certification process. Instead they choose to make hitches that people can't actually use then make up excuses why they can't make a hitch people can use. That makes a lot of sense.


Again ANDERSEN HITCHES DON'T WORK on Motorhomes, Van's and RV's. Well at least the ones I own. Are you willing to throw your money away?


I've got my $159 paperweight advertised on Craigslist at half price and still no takers. I guess the only idiot here is me. I got suckered by the hope of a versatile hitch.


------------------------ 3296 Specifications from Andersen's site ----------------------
Retail Price: $159.99 (USA)

8" EZ Adjust Hitch with 2" x 2-5/16" Combo Ball

  • 8" Drop, 8" Rise.
  • Towing capacity: 8,000 lbs with 2" ball, 10,000 lbs with 2-5/16" ball. (1,500 Lbs Tongue Weight)
  • Quickly adjust height: Pull pin, adjust, slip pin back into place - done!
  • Fits all standard 2" receivers. Sleeve required for 2-1/2" receivers (part #3800).
  • Meets V5 and SAE J684 certifications.
  • Made in the USA.
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