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Best Van Travel Products

Note:  This page contains links to the described products at Amazon.  I buy from Amazon, I buy locally.  Where I live I often have no choice, but to purchase online because the brand of quality products I want are not available locally and/or I don't have time to shop and drive all over tying to find something.

Over the years I've purchased a lot of very useful products that make Van/RV Travel safer and more comfortable. Some of these products are ESSENTIAL (Like a quality Battery Charger/Maintainer), some make travel more comfortable and convenient (Like a Portapotty), while others are just pretty damn cool and enhance your experience a luxurious adventure  (Like a Video Camera hanging off the Rear View Mirror to record your Travels).

Traveling in Comfort: Essential Items - Convenience/Comfort Items - Luxury Items

Essential Items

A quality battery charger maintainer to extend the life of your battery or maintain it while in storage. HEAT kills batteries! Cold kills batteries (If they are allowed to discharge and freeze). Make sure your charger works in your climate. If it's very hot you need temperature compensation, if it's very cold you need to keep your battery topped up.

I own the C-TEK 7002 because it is a multi-state "Smart Charger" and the 7002 gives me the ability to charge my Chev Van through the Cigarette Lighter Port (You can't do this with some newer vehicles), featured a recondition option and maintenance charging. I plug in my garage and just let it run. Very happy with this one so far. I take it with me when I travel because it's so small and lightweight and keep it in the car in a small plastic shoe box sized container.  I travel with my Charger (Because it's so small), and I always have Jumper Cables on Hand.

List of Available Battery Chargers | Jumper Cables

I never travel without Drinking Water, Water for the Radiator (I only had to do this once), and Water for cleanup if your Van doesn't have a sink.  Reliance Brand water containers are awesome. Very durable and non toxic. They come in different shapes. Even though I have a sink and water system in my van and RV I still usually carry extra water for dry camping. I like this shape because they are easy to stack against each other.

List of Available Reliance Water Containers

In addition to a cell phone and charger (See Inverter Below) I always have fix a flat with me, but fortunately so far I have not had to use it. Get a Rubbermaid container and put in a can of this, a pair of gloves, a first aid kit, some wet wipes, flares, flashlight, first aid kit, etc. and keep it with you in an easy to access place.

Listed Items  Fix a Flat | Rubbermaid Containers | Nitrile Gloves | First Aid Kit | Emergency Flares | LED Flashlight | Wet Wipes | Emergency Blanket

Convenience Items

I have an old Crappy (Pun intended) Porta Potty. The new ones are so much better and actually flush and are very simple to operate, clean, and dispose of the waste. This is what I have my eye on to replace it with.

 List of Available Porta Potties

I bought this Model Samlex Pure Sine Wave converter and don't know how I lived without it. I have it connected to the cigarette lighter sometimes and other times to small 12 Volt Powersonic Batteries. I use it for my phone, mp3 play, and laptop to keep them charged up while traveling. It's pretty amazing how useful a small inverter is out on the open road.  You may want to just consider a small cigarette lighter type Inverter for charging your phone and electronics while you drive.  Most of these are USB, but you can get regular outlet types as well (Somewhere between a full blown inverter and a small USB Charger).  Keep in mind most 12 Volt Sockets have 10 Amp Fuses (Exept for some newer Cars/Trucks/Vans with specific 12 volt outlets) so they are great for small low power devices but you are not going to run a portable refrigerator, blow dryer, or microwave from them (That's a whole new discussion).

List of Available Pure Sine Wave Inverters | Car Chargers

Luxury Items

Who doesn't want to pamper themselves a bit?  In 2016 all new cars will be required to have back up cameras, but why not add a dash cam to record your adventure?  Backup Cameras are not just for safety they also make hooking up a trailer a lot easier.  A Digital Camera with Video Capability (The new cameras can take photos and videos killing the need for a camcorder).  I bought one of the little Alfa USB WiFi Antennas which is way better than my laptops built in WiFi and really extends and enhances the signal power in campgrounds with Wi-Fi and it was only $30.  I was very surprised because it is so little and light and relies on USB for Power but it works!  Do you have a travel pillow?  I wouldn't take a trip without my Sunglasses (I'm a Bolle Fan).  I always have the folding Sunshade nearby to help keep the van cool when I park in areas without shade in rest stops or do some shopping, or just need the little extra privacy.  So many things can make your trip more enjoyable.  It's nearly endless.  Happy Traveling.

Just some toys...  Dash Cam | Digital Camera | Backup Camera | WiFi Antenna | Travel Pillow | Windshield Sunshade | Sunglasses

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