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Class B Motor Home Manufacturers List

Manufacturers of Class B Motor Homes

If you are interested in what makes a Class B a Class B Motor Home then take a few minutes and visit our "Vehicle Definitions" page located on the info menu in the right hand navigation column.

Coach House USA - Florida
Perhaps not a TRUE Class B, their own site refers to them as "personal size Class C motorhomes". Platinum series one-piece construction luxury. Definitely worth checking out and adding to your potential shopping list. Very nicely appointed, and a well constructed site with excellent easy-to-use statistics and photographs of each model. Website:

Great West Vans Canada
Why are so many of the quality vans coming out of Canada? Great West makes a quality product. In fact, they have the finest online tour of the steps taken to produce a Class B Motorhome I've seen. Don't buy any New Class B Motorhome until you have visited their website and seen how they are made! Why can't more companies make websites like this? Website:

Gulf Stream Coach USA - Indiana
Gulfstream's Touring Cruisers are really Mini C's, but the market seems to love the Mini C format. Very nicely appointed interiors. Gulf Stream is not currently producing motorized RV's. Website:

Leisure Travel Vans Canada & USA - North Dakota
If good looks in your Class B are important then Leisure Travel is a must see. I love the excellent detailed drawings of the available floor plans posted on their site. If I were looking for a brand new unit these guys would be on my list for sure - they are one of the few manufacturers that offer a full 80" tall bed due to their slightly widened rear bodies. These are great examples of what I call "B+" (B Plus) vans. Website: Now just another one to add to the RIP list. Gone!

Phoenix USA USA - Indiana
Phoenix is stretching the Class B limits with these units - I like to think of them as "B Plus" or "C Minus". They are large for "Camper Van" size, and kind of fall into a category all their own (especially since some models are available with slide-out units you expect to find in nicer Class C's). If a nicely appointed roomy small C type unit is what you are after, then these are definitely worth consideration. Website:

Pleasure Way Canada
Another nicely done website - although not as detailed as some of the others. We love Chevy; maybe you do too, but if looks alone were my criteria, it would be hard to go wrong with Pleasure Way's Ford Excel model. Website:

Sportsmobile USA - California, Indiana, Texas
Sweet! If a garagable camper van is what you are after - START HERE! Sportsmobile's "Penthouse" Pop-Top roof is AWESOME! These are also the guys to contact if you want a totally custom van! They can build you just about anything! You have to browse this site - you'll come away with ideas you probably had not even thought of (including mounting security cameras on your van!). Finally - for the 4x4 crowd (and you know who you are) this is a MUST VISIT. Few other manufacturers can integrate 4x4 into a quality First Class Conversion Van - Camper Van like Sportsmobile! Website:

Tiger - Provan Industries USA - Colorado
Provan make a small and very unique line of vehicles. Their Class B's used to be based on a Chevy/GM Minivan chassis. You might find a good one used. They are great looking little units! They are now manufacturing on the Ford or GM Truck Chasis. A nice alternative for you 4x4 enthusiasts - probably due to their experience in the Rocky Mountain west where 4x4 can be essential. Website:

Trail Lite USA - Indiana
Another page that takes a long time to load up! Trail Lite manufactures what they call a "B-Plus". This is really a small Class C! These are nice travel vehicles for the "cross country" trips. This size and format doesn't excite me - but may be well suited for the luxury/convenience crowd. They just look too "boxy" for my tastes. Website: Trail Lite no longer manufacters Class B's only towables.

Xplorer USA - Michigan
Nice looking Class B's, but their Ford Excursion model is the most interesting. It's expensive (but that is a relative term - what's expensive to one person may be affordable to another). If you want the ultimate customizable luxury in a big Diesel Ford then start here. Website:

Volkswagon - VW Vanagon - Westfalia

Country Homes Campers USA - California
Mobile camper vans based on VW's and Ford Minivans. Featuring Pop-Up roofs these little models may be perfect for people who are weekenders, need a second car and want to keep it in the garage. This also may be the place to start if you want to convert your existing van, add a Pop-Top, and live in California. Website:

Rest in Peace

Apparently the Glory Days of these manufacturers are but a memory... at least they are not making Class B's anymore.

  • Intervec - makers of the "horizon" and "Falcon" Class B Motor Homes
  • Allegro
  • American Cruiser
  • Cobra
  • Explorer... not to be confused with Xplorer
  • Fiesta
  • Forest River
  • Jayco

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