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Camper Van Insurance

Camper Van Insurance - Protecting Your Class B Motor Home

For many weekend van owners additional insurance above and beyond your standard automotive policy is not necessary. For Class B Motor Home owners... "Camper Van" owners the situation gets a little more complicated.

Your standard automobile insurance policy does not cover damage to items like Refrigerators, Plumbing Systems, Gas Stoves, etc. So you'll need a van policy that covers these components. Regular automotive insurance will not allow you to suspend coverage (Saving you money) while your vehicle is in storage.

There are some big differences between automobile coverage and Camper Van Insurance coverage and many people don't consider them until it's too late. Can you imagine the devastation of being in a collision though no fault of your own and still losing thousands of dollars? Heartbreaking! Devastating.

Most recreational vehicles are owned and driven by very experienced careful drivers most likely like yourself. The level of risk that you represent to an insurer is relatively low whatever type of vehicle your drive but a motorhome is special. You are hardly ever in a rush in a motorhome. By the very nature of their use you are most often in your campervan when you are on holiday relaxing and so you tend to take your time.

Motorhomes are almost never driven in rush hour conditions so your rates should not out of line with the minimal risk you pose. Our suggestion is to investigate the cost of covering your Class B Camper Van like a Motor Home and not a car!

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