Wheelchair Friendly RV Motor Homes


I've been looking quite seriously at the different options for RV's for people with disabilities, specifically wheel chairs and RV's with custom (Home size) bathrooms (Especially showers). If you have the means to purchase a $100,000+ RV then the sky is the limit I suppose. I've never really understood how people with disabilities come up with all the extra cash to purchase all the specialized equipment they need to keep enjoying activities they love. But it is not my place to figure out the how... just to discover what is available. That's reality.

Dogen Mobile Technologies manufactures some very interesting mobile solutions. They offer an attractive solution based on the BornFree B+ Chassis. I'm sure they are spendy, but if you have the means why not? You only live once.

This is a bit short for an article, but I hope to add other manufacturers and outfitters to this page as I discover them.